Getting there slowly

My journey back to fitness is looking far away at the minute. Having started running again, I think I can run the four miles that I was doing 12 months ago, yet by the time I hit the two mile mark my lungs are screaming at me. Suddenly I feel mortal, 44 years of age and overweight by a good stone.

On the upside, my legs recover much better now I have been out running more often usually three times per week. Thankfully no struggling to get up off the sofa or walking around like an old man with creaking limbs now my body seems to be getting used to the punishment I am putting it through.

Today I ran only 24 hours after my last run and I posted the fastest segment for 2 years, albeit by one second. Don`t get me wrong, I am far from setting targets or beating personal records. I just want to feel fitter and gain some stamina first. However, I will take all these small positives even if the endorphins are yet to kick in. In previous years, I have buzzed off running four to six miles each time and feeling light as a feather as I run. Yet at the minute, I feel like a baby hippo struggling to get around the block.

The plan is to keep running three times per week and to join the gym at work, something I have been meaning to do for sometime. Work allow us to finish an hour early if we go into the gym so some if us will hit the treadmill, bikes or rowing machines to bust out the days stress before leaving for home. If I can do the running at home, gym work then start back cycling I should be in a much better place physically.

If we have a severe winter again like last year then the gym will come in handy so that I do not fall behind in my training. Where is all this going to take me? Hopefully I can lose a stone in weight, meaning less XL size tops and more like large size. Those hills I cycle up should be easier to tackle if I am fitter and lighter and generally feel better emotionally with all the endorphins flying around the body.

Planning and talking about exercise is the easy bit, going out doing it is not. Yesterday, I really had to drag myself out whereas this morning it felt natural to put my running gear on and pound those pavements.

So I will take it a week at a time, small steps first Rome wasn’t built in a day so the saying goes.

If you are a runner, cyclist or just getting fit let me know your story and how you keep motivated. A bit of encouragement never did anyone any harm.


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Middle aged man with no plan, only making it up as I go along. Scribbling down my life`s journey on this blog.

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