Sunshine, walking and homemade food

Despite Autumn being upon us, today we re-wound the clock back to summer with temperatures in the low 70`s thanks to the southerly jet stream from Africa. Back to t-shirts and shorts with clear blue skies and warm temperatures. I was off again today and had a few things to do including visiting a local farm shop and cafe that I had been meaning to visit for months.

A short ten minute drive away and I was at Ryders farm where there is a large equestrian centre, farm shop selling homegrown meats and pies as well as an onsite cafe. I wandered through the farm, locating the cafe and sat down to order a full english breakfast washed down with a cup of tea. Whilst waiting for my food to cook, I found myself marvelling at the scones, cakes and biscuits on offer thinking that the rest of the family would love to come here and sample the fayre.

Breakfast at Ryders Farm

Once the breakfast had been gobbled up, I went and found the farm shop. I do like a traditional butchers shop, somewhere that makes their own pies and sells great quality meats. Again I was marvelling at what they had on offer in the pie area. There were small, medium and large pies of every filling you come to expect. You really can tell homegrown and home baked food compared to supermarket food. After purchasing a large cheese and onion pie for dinner, I drove onto to see my dad.

Our boiler at home has been problematic for the seven years we have lived in the house despite the builder who renovated the property before us putting in a new boiler. Sadly, he clearly wanted to save money and fitted a cheap and nasty boiler that has had something wrong with it almost every year we have lived here. After throwing far too much money at it trying to fix it, we decided to bite the bullet and order a new boiler. After receiving a good quote for a top of the range model last week, in the afternoon I set about completing the deal and arranging a date for it to be fitted. Thankfully it will be fitted next Wednesday. So only another week of suffering showers that run hot then cold, then hot and cold again. That will be one less stress to deal with I can tell you and fitted before the winter.

I was contemplating another run today but the day seems to have passed me by whilst busily doing chores, so the run will have to be put off until Thursday after I have visited the dentist.

We have just returned from walking Lola this evening, her second big walk of the day. The warm air was still in evidence yet Autumn was in full bloom with trees displaying all sorts of browns, golden yellows and greens. Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year not only because of the colours but I enjoy colder mornings and clear blue skies. I do like wrapping up and getting out in the cold and frosty mornings (although we have yet to have a frost so far).

Summer returned today during Lola`s walk

So we will settle down now and see what rubbish is on the television before I wake tomorrow for my last day off. Oh by the way, the cheese and onion pie I served with mashed potato and beans was a triumph, absolutely delicious. The family agreed that they will have to pay the farm a visit and soon.


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