Long road back to fitness

Oh boy that was tough!! Today I went out for a 2 mile run and throughout it I was fighting heavy legs, burning lungs and a negative mindset. Where has my fitness gone?

Admittedly I am a good stone over weight, but I have been doing plenty of cycling throughout the summer. When it comes to running, it is a different ball game. I have no issue with cycling thirty plus miles yet I cannot seem to run for two miles without stopping.

Twelve months ago, I was running regularly four miles at a time, two to three times per week through the winter when the bike went away until the new year. Since I have dug out the running trainers again, I have felt like I am running through quick sand.

Today I decided enough was enough and out came the trainers. Once the legs had been stretched off, the earphones went in, spotify running playlist went on, strava was set and out I went.

It was a windy morning but a beautiful autumnal start with bright sunshine and blue skies, perfect weather. Within a few hundred metres I felt my breathing was too heavy and not controlled. The legs felt heavy but jelly at the same time and my mind was telling me this wasn’t going to be easy. Once over halfway round, I stopped for a minute more to control my breathing then rest the legs then I was off again. I didn’t expect to stop again but with a few hundred yards from the end my brain suddenly told me to stop which annoyed me. After a couple of leg stretches I finished at a pace of 9.30 minutes per mile.

As it now turns into the evening and two long dog walks done, my legs are weary. One thing I hate about exercising is starting all over again. Once you get a couple of weeks into your training it becomes so much easier both physically and mentally. It is just about getting through the next few runs and dust off the cobwebs and hopefully I will be heading towards four mile runs and without stopping too.

My plan is to run through the winter and around Christmas time, weather permitting start on the bike again getting valuable miles in the legs for the year ahead. With the running should come the weight loss, a stone has to come off at least. Cycling up the hills near where I live is so much more difficult when your dragging a load of weight up them. My lightweight carbon fibre bike does make it easier but a bit less weight on my behalf and I should be flying up those hills.

Fingers crossed I stick out the running.


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Middle aged man with no plan, only making it up as I go along. Scribbling down my life`s journey on this blog.

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