End of an era

Can you call six weeks an era? Well I just have.

Today was the final day of my course and as such the end of an era. Apart from the course which was the best I have attended in my 18 year career for a number of reasons I will not waffle on about, my fellow classmates have made it a blast.

Myself and the other eleven souls have bonded really well. Despite being put into three separate syndicates of four for certain roles and tests we have gelled really well. Thankfully we had no mouthy, know it all types and we were all of a similar age and experience. Sure there were some funnier and extravagant that others, some more chilled but the group was a really good mix.

I have enjoyed my new daily routine with a different drive to work than normal. The relaxed atmosphere and having a good old natter in the mornings over decent coffee prior to the course starting. We actually all got together and put a small brew fund together which also showed our team spirit. Apparently some groups can be quiet and do not bond so the trainers really noticed how comfortable we all were with each other.

Each week there was a non work related quiz that resulted in points being awarded for first, second and third. This went on until the last day and the final quiz, which our syndicate won resulted in us fully accepting our prizes of bags of chocolate (which I have just finished off with a coffee !)

After the course finished today, we all went to the local TGI Fridays`s restaurant for burger and a beer. Throughout the meal we laughed and giggled about the previous six weeks before we finally said our goodbyes. Although our paths may never cross again, none of us will ever forget this course and the time we had. We plan to stay in touch whether that be via our whatsapp group or work email but I hope we do keep in contact.

As I type, I cannot help but feel melancholic and a sense of coming down from the last month and a half. The learning, the laughs and the experience will stay with me for sometime. We will never do this course or similar again and I think we all look fondly back on our time here.

Goodness knows what I will do with myself tomorrow morning………


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Middle aged man with no plan, only making it up as I go along. Scribbling down my life`s journey on this blog.

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