Why we blog

“If you do not get enough interaction, then just write for yourself. One day you will look back and be glad you wrote the blog.”

Sound advice and a lovely comment left on one my blog posts by an established blogger who also seems to be a genuine guy. For the last week or so since I started this blog I have toiled with what to write. One minute I have the laptop open and fingers poised only to think that whatever I write will bore the pants off whoever reads the post. I think Why should I write about one of my average days/weekends? Who will be interested? Then I shut the laptop down and resign myself to another evening without writing anything.

I am not awaiting the earth shattering post that will “go viral” or end up on the Discover page but sometimes you just pause before typing and wonder what on earth am I going to write about?

Mostly I write about my life and what I have been doing. I do not have a vault full of posts about blogging, advice on life, money or relationships, I have no niche. So maybe I should just get on with it and document my life, as dull as it may appear?

Blogging can feel a little overwhelming with so many posts written, you can feel consumed by it all. Will my little voice be heard loud enough that someone, somewhere will hear it and click read? Am I shouting out and not being heard above all the noise? Probably. That should not stop me though, like my blogging friend said, you can look back in time and be glad you wrote this blog.

So I will continue to plod on and do what I enjoy doing, writing posts.

Does this resonate with you as a blogger? Let me know what does bug you about blogging and why you write.


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Middle aged man with no plan, only making it up as I go along. Scribbling down my life`s journey on this blog.

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