Loving it all

Every wondered what to write on your blog? Are you always thinking of an earth shattering post to write? Do you think that your week has been so average that whatever you write would bore the pants off people? I have thought that this week but then thought, does it matter? So I decided to write this post anyhow. After all it is my blog, so I will post what I want.

I am currently going into the last week of my six week course and it is going so fast. With working shift for the last eighteen years, I thought working Monday to Friday would be a difficult transition but it has been very enjoyable. As the course has gone on, the weeks are going quicker, as are the weekends. This time next week, it will be all over and I will have to plan returning to the real world and back to work.

I can safely say that this course has been the best one I have been on and the twelve strong group have been a blast to be with. It is fair to say that as a group we have got on really well and moulded together so much so that we have planned a meal out on our last day. We even have a whatsapp group now and hopefully when we return to our work we will keep in touch and help each other through our work.

Generally it has been a good week as I head towards the weekend. It is Friday evening, I am enjoying a well earned beer and settling down for some decent television. Tomorrow I will take my boy over to Lancashire for a football match. We have tickets to watch a game and we are both looking for some dad and lad time. A trip out, go to a new ground, have a beer and watch some football and I cannot wait. On Sunday we plan to have my brother and sister in law around for dinner.

That is the weekend planned for me, what does your weekend look like? Do you have any plans? Let me know.




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Middle aged man with no plan, only making it up as I go along. Scribbling down my life`s journey on this blog.

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